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Happy Everyone Draw Mohammad Day, Everyone!

Everyone: please take a stand of solidarity in support of freedom of speech, and against capitulation to terrorist demands by participating in "Everyone Draw Mohammed Day". Submit your drawing by leaving a comment at the FaceBook page (which increased by 50k members overnight) and at , as well as anywhere else you can think of. It DOES NOT have to be an offensive drawing. Anything with the label "Muhammad" will do- even a stick figure.
For those that are concerned with offending non-extremist Muslims, the ban on depictions of Muhammad is ONLY to prevent idolatry, and depicting Muhammad in Islamic art was common 1000 years ago. Don't draw anything someone would worship, and is non-offensive, and you'll be OK with everyone except extremists and those who cow to extremist demands.

I have a few ideas I'll throw together this afternoon when I get home and post here.

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