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Originally Posted by Bob MG View Post
You go boy!!!

When you say VT625 kit??? You mean VT 2 600?

This is a 6 psi kit and yes your stock clutch will be 100%. They run a 7psi race car and the clutch has held out pretty fine for 40k miles.

I would definitely go a 295 rear section tyre. Rims should be a 10,5J rear and a 9 J front with 255 section tyres. This is what I have and traction is still challenging, however pretty good considering the HP the ESS kit is putting down.

I have KWV3s and Brembos stability is unbelievable and stopping power 100% matched for the cars extra power.

Go Big or go home

check out these threads and you will see the traction with 295s dry roads and temps of 26 Deg C
No-no, Bob!!! He is right and this what I found today here

New software is released I really do not understand Roman and Hans telling me 20 days ago that 6.5 psi is the maximum and no more fore stock engine and DCT... I've been upgraded to VT2-600 (wait for this for 20days due to volcano...) 3 weeks ago, and now this thing in place... I am crying... On Sunday I have in Moscow big-big event (Unlime 500+ - Standing Mile) and this is what I really need...

Would call Roman for details and pricing once he gets up)))