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You go boy!!!

When you say VT625 kit??? You mean VT 2 600?

This is a 6 psi kit and yes your stock clutch will be 100%. They run a 7psi race car and the clutch has held out pretty fine for 40k miles.

I would definitely go a 295 rear section tyre. Rims should be a 10,5J rear and a 9 J front with 255 section tyres. This is what I have and traction is still challenging, however pretty good considering the HP the ESS kit is putting down.

I have KWV3s and Brembos stability is unbelievable and stopping power 100% matched for the cars extra power.

Go Big or go home

check out these threads and you will see the traction with 295s dry roads and temps of 26 Deg C