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Originally Posted by bolinp78 View Post
Where have you been in the last year or so? Haven't you seen the deluge of statistics stating how the X percentile of wage earners pays Y percentage all of taxes?

So you begrudge the upper class for being able to hire accountants to evade paying taxes? Sounds like a beef with the tax code to me. If they choose to spend their money to hire a tax accountant to do their taxes in a legal, judicious manner based on the tax code, this would upset you?

By the way, what does this have to do with the 'handout' mentality? For a second there I thought you were arguing for the middle class.

Its been going on more than the last year - and didn't start with this admin. Fix the tax code FOR EVERYONE THEN. Those at the top are getting handouts too.. I am arguing for anybody who has to work while others skate. And it happens at the top and is probably more costly.

The reason this nation has the debt it does is NOT bc someone is getting welfare. Its bc medicare and SS costs and recepients are increasing. You could reduce spending on everything else and that would still drive the debt by large margins. Nobody wants to fix that though.. they would rather bitch about someone getting something on their dime.

There are many people that are in lower incomes that don't sit and want someone to hand them money. Some work multiple jobs for 60 hours a week. .. to say they don't work hard is just BS.

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