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Originally Posted by 335e92tx View Post
Reap the rewards of having large influence (political and otherwise) because of their income. And even still often times don't pay anywhere near the tax that their income would put them in. They might be in a high tax bracket - that does not mean that is what they pay.

The bottom line is the people in the MIDDLE are whats supporting this country tax wise - its not the top and its not the bottom... neither of those is more of a problem than the other.
Where have you been in the last year or so? Haven't you seen the deluge of statistics stating how the X percentile of wage earners pays Y percentage all of taxes?

So you begrudge the upper class for being able to hire a good tax man to do their taxes? Sounds like a beef with the tax code and possibly a beef with people that can afford to have a service done that many cannot. If they choose to spend their money to hire a tax accountant to do their taxes in a legal, judicious manner based on the tax code, this would upset you?

By the way, what does this have to do with the 'handout' mentality? For a second there I thought you were arguing for the middle class.