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Originally Posted by BOOSTFTW View Post
So my doctor called me back today and he basically told me it's not typical for people to develop genital herpes from oral herpes. The herpes virus (HSV type 1) is mainly above the belt as Jaykay mentioned...but I should still be careful and wash my hands frequently. Getting tested tomorrow to have the doctor examine the severity of the cold sore...girls generally hate it when you don't go down on them so having a severe case of this disease would really fuck shit up
Glad its not 2. If its bad, your doc will give you meds. Depending on the extent of the lesion, he'll better know how to address. You're immune system will kick in after a while and also help suppress it.

Dont worry, everything will be fine.

I only go down on girlfriends, random girls dont get their tacos eaten. You never know what can be hiding in there.