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Originally Posted by waremark View Post

Currently, I am compromising by using S1, and using Heel and Toe for smoother downshifts - this seems a ridiculous compromise with such a sophisticated transmission, but it works. In a couple of days I am getting my third software update to ISTA/P 37.2, because I read on this forum that it reduces the harshness of the S4/S5 upchanges. (First software update got rid of the not down-changing under heavy braking fault, second update got rid of the 'lag' - both done under warranty. This update I am paying for, quoted 120 ($180) because there is no specific fault to deal with.)
Too bad you have to pay for the upgrade. Are you sure your radio hasn't acted up???

FYI, I've had the upgrade for a few weeks now and the car has adapted now. S4 shifts are not as smooth as when I first picked it up after the firmware update, but they are better than before. On full throttle however, it is the same. The improvement is in part throttle short shifts. You can modulate the throttle at the shift point to smooth it out on full throttle, which is something I didn't try before, simply because I never used S4 and because I felt the pulsing was too much. It works pretty well, and is fairly natural to me since I owned an SMG M3 for five years and that was a learned technique.

Good luck

By the way, sorry for the thread jack, but this is such an old thread with such a worn out topic, I thought nobody would mind...

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