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Originally Posted by waremark View Post
If you use S4/S5, the thump on full throttle upshifts can upset the car. . . On the downshifts, the blipped ones are perfect for track use, but the harsh upshifts are too high a price to pay in order to get the perfect downshifts, in my opinion.
I never thought of it that way, perhaps because my philosophy is that one should really only be mashing the throttle full when travelling virtually in a straight line. If you're going straight, I don't see how the the 'thump' can be a bad thing. Its worthwhile also keeping in mind that the upshift may be less likely to unsettle the car compared to a MT because it loses less forward momentum during a DCT upshift.

My advice would be to simply be somewhat less aggressive with the throttle when accelerating in turns I suppose, but I'll give this some more thought next time I'm on the track.