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Originally Posted by Mx3 View Post
My Top 6:
1. Performance (quicker acceleration)
2. Versatility (3 ways to drive, paddle shift, full auto, or gear shifting sequentially)
3. Ease for traffic driving
4. No clutch depression bodes well for not worsening my chronic back issue any further
5. Less shifting effort than in MT allows you to concerntrate on others things as you rapidly go through the gears and allows you to pay better attention on redline shifting etc..
6. Launch Control
Originally Posted by swamp2 View Post
Advantages of DCT(not in any particular order, except the first):
  • DCT is THE single option that will make the car have better performance, straights and twisties (it is very close to a 6MT with 440 hp and 320 ft lb torque)
  • DCT is customizeable through software (perhaps both BMW and other)
  • Manual modes via paddles and stick and automatic mode for traffic jams, comfort or inexperienced drivers
  • DCT allows one to focus on more cerebral and challenging aspects of performance driving
  • DCT provides better fuel economy
  • Launch control should be fun, fast and consistent
  • No "money shifts" with DCT
  • DCT is race technology for the road and BMW claims it is designed for race level "abuse"
  • Rev matched downshifts
  • The inherently smooth shifts with DCT may provide less shock and better wear of some transmission components
  • Clutch pedals are so 1950s

Advantages of MT:
  • Simplicity and perhaps reliability
  • False pride in your rowing abilities enabled by MT
This says it all for me. I love the versatility and technological advantages. I see no reason why not to embrace the technological wonder of DCT. People compare moving a lever in the center console to pulling a paddle on the steering column like they are two different things. They aren't, the technology behind it is different but the concept is the same. Fact is one is faster than the other. Also one provides versatility and allows the complex and the simple minded to drive the same car. Not that simple is bad, but more that some want to be less troubled. I know now my GF can't drive stick. If for some reason she ever needed to drive the car now she can. One is better from a performance stability perspective, the other is better for a mental satisfaction frame of mind. Is someone in less or more control of the car in a 6MT vs a DCT? no I think they are even. Someone shifts two gears down to take a turn, I click my paddle twice before I get in a turn... same deal. I live in NJ, traffic can suck occasionally. DCT wins for me. Also my shifts will be as quick as lightning...that is awesome. No money shifts, no missed gears, no taking my hands off the wheel to change gears in/before a turn, just pure excitement and comfort knowing I can relax and let the car do it's thing when I don't feel like shifting constantly.

Neither is better, but DCT fit my personal preference.
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