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I think im finally getting old, or have finally matured, because this post makes me mad. and it never would have in years prior. my first car, was a brand new mitshubshi galant. 20 OR 30 GRAND cheaper then what you are talking about and i STILL had the nicest car in my highschool and was known around my school for the car i drove. and i paid for the whole lease payment. 350 bucks a month came out of my hard earned money to pay for that car and everyone thought it was crazy i paid so much money at 16 years old. Now your mommy and daddy are just buying you an m3. its kinda crazy.
my personal opinion is that ANYONE bangs up there very first car AT LEAST a little bit. i had 1 fender bender when i was 16 that was my fault, im sure thats pretty common, and i would learn to drive on something less expensive. now on your SECOND car. i would tell you to go all out and whine and cry to your parents until they spend 60-70 grand on you.
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completely aggree with you

UGggggg. Buy the M3 you'll need all the saftey features.