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If It's Got SMG....

Originally Posted by harrington View Post
2005 BMW E46 Convertible Coupe with dual tops. Car is in excellent condition and was just completely gone over by Towne BMW and should be ready to pick up on Wednesday. It's pretty much loaded and I did pay a little bit more then what I thought the car was worth ($30,000) but it is almost perfect inside and out. The interior looks brand new and the seats and carpet are perfect. It is silver with black leather interior. A few paint blemishes on the bumper but they are fixing that for me. It has 53,000 miles and drove beautifully. My question to you guys is since it is not a CPO vehicle should I purchase a 3 year warranty or just hope for the best. I will not be driving it in the winter and will garage it. Only problem I see is the rims are really scraped up as I believe this woman did not know how to park without hitting the curb. They were asking $33,000 for the car which was crazy but I can live with what I paid.
.... a warranty isn't a bad idea. If you go to the dealer for service, almost anything that goes wrong (such as an O2 sensor) is a $500+ adventure. While they are generally reliable, SMG repairs can get really costly. Do you know what your car's status is relative to the rear suspension sub-frame mounting points? BMW has limited their exposure to a relatively short period of time with the class action settlement. The E46 forum isn't very active here. You might want to check out The E46 M3 forum there has lots of traffic/information.

Congrats on your new car. They are a lot of fun and a pleasure to drive. Your dealer or people on the appropriate regional forum here should be able to point you to someone who can repair the finish on your wheels (or refinish them).