Thread: BBK or Panerai?
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Originally Posted by gixxer_kidd View Post
No matter which one you get now, you'll end up getting the other one down the road. You'll prob get more enjoyment out of the Panerai. Be prepared to spend a few hundred more on straps! =) I have a 177 myself and thought about selling it for other mods, but my wife stops me because she knows I'll end up regretting it or better yet pick up an AP ROO!
I have a number of watches and my Panny 233 doesn't get lots of wrist time, but the basic Panny is classic and changing straps is like getting a new watch.

Much is made of in-house movements. Nothing automatically better about them, but I'd stick with the p2004 movements or one of the modifications of it if it means a lot to you.

Finally just a comment about the JLC movements in the AP ROOs cited earlier. You'd be hard pressed to buy a new one without the in-house movement (3126/3840) as they made a transition a few years back starting with limited editions. This Montawk Highway LE I picked up last summer certainly has it. I think even the basic rubber clad models have it now too.
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