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Originally Posted by SpencerM3 View Post
Ok, so the 292 is not your thing. I get it, not for everyone. But below is a pic of a hand made Panerai movement and a Quartz Timex made by a machine movement.

Panerai OP X Movement

Yup, spot on Dr Seuss. about as sophisticated as a $12 Wal-Mart watch.
And here is a picture of a relatively low-end watch that was less than $10 in 50's and could be had for less than $5 on a flee market just 10-15 years ago (it was a typical gift given to common soldiers - anyone with a rank got at least a 20-jewel watch):

This movement looks better to me than that Panerai picture (bad picture?) and many of these watches still work, and they were not a collectors item but a low-end workhorse, so those 60 years were not an easy ride.

Buying watches for design, brand name, status symbol or as jewelry - I totally understand that, and there is a way to explain and justify practically any price. But a technological marvel they are not - even the most complex ones have many times less engineering thought invested in them than a disposable cell phone, and being hand-made only increases the cost but not the quality.