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Originally Posted by niqui View Post
agreed that it has lasted much longer than i thought...but ive had mine for nearly 8 years and am seeing them more and more frequently, no problem, but still.
i think it is moving to big black watches - big watches are still in but the distinctive luminor case or rad case will soon be very common in my opinion...which bothers some ...still have a soft spot for the 8 day reserve and california, dont know why.
not a great movement but you are paying for the look and such, i am happy with it. i dont think audemars compare to this 6k watch...
Panerai's have been big before the "big watch" fad ever came about. Originally, Panerai built watches for the Italian Navy in Firenze (Florence); therefore, diver watches were big so that 1) You could wear them over your dive suit and 2) So you could read the time clearly under water. I actually have an original Panerai 1950 and it is 47mm with a leather is a beautiful master piece and very rare.

I also have a cold war era Soviet dive watch that was given to me as a gift. It is huge (50mm+), thick and poorly made. However, it looks cool in my watch box (I don't wear it because it is ridiculous).