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LOL I looked underneath the car for anywhere I could stick that suction cup to but couldnt find any good spots. I really wanted to tape looking backwards from somewhere underneath and the middle so you can see the road and dual sided exhaust as well as hear the sound.

In the end.... I just stuck it on the back left bumper.

That was a 2'nd and 3'rd gear to redline pull prior to hitting some light traffic.

Full AA mods, car was dynod on a dynapack last week at a tad over 400 WHP and about 290WTQ. Friend of mine with all the same mods except the AA muffler (he is using stock) dynod exactly the same numbers up until 6500 RPM where he peaked out on HP whereas I kept climbing to 8400 and finished with 16WHP more due to the freer flowing exhaust.
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