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Originally Posted by Tee-Tom View Post
Wish BMW had Audi looks. This Bangle stuff just doesn't cut it. It does not stir the blood. Even Benzes look better.
Still a BMW fan inspite of what they look lke
i think the new 3 looks surprisingly un-bangle. it looks like a natural evolution of the predecessing 3 series.

i like what bangle did with the 7... though its a very avant-garde design.. and very bangle.

hate what he did with the Z4 convertible (though i love the Z4M hardtop). and think the 5 series is too aggressive looking. the 6 series is beautiful, but the trunk lid could have been infinitely better. too bad really. it was one of the only things holding me back from picking up the m6 coupe.

as far as audi goes, the A4 makes me yawn... its uninspired and boring. but the A6 is beautiful.

all in all though. i like bmw's design cues and philosophy more than audi's. and i think the new M3 will really put on display quintessential bmw design philosophy. i can't wait.

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