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I successfully installed my XP10s for the first time. It did take me awhile since I broke a socket taking off the wheel and had to run to Sears. Probably can do it in 1.5 hours next time.

A couple questions:
1) I did have brake pad glue on the outside OEM pads in the front. Had to pry them out. Do you need to remove the all of the adhesive residue before putting in the XP10s? Should I glue the OEMs pads when I put them back on?
2) I noticed some white residue on the allen bolts. Should I be using loctite on the bolts? Is that just for corrosion protection?
3) I could not figure out how to put the brake sensors back on the XP10s so I just used cable ties to secure them and saved the spring. Will the car start throwing error codes since the brake sensors are not attached?
4) Do I have to bed the OEM pads when I put them back on?
5) Are steel bake lines a good idea if I am only tracking it 6-7 days year?