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Originally Posted by samwoo2go View Post
its dirty as shit, bums and thiefs everywhere. rude ass fuckers always hit you with their mopeds. All in all, a real piece of shit place, and I have been to some shitty places. It's really a disservice to India for it to be the financial capital of India.
DON'T give the kids anything, and I say that not to be me mean but once you do, they NEVER STOP herds, and they get increasingly aggressive, getting their grubby little hands all over your shit, talking shit and spiting on you if you stop giving, and if you ever think about physically pushing them away, their "watchers" will jump out and beat the shit out of you. Then the cops will come investigate and if you don't pay them, you will get a second beating. Then the ambulance will come, and if you don't pay them, you will get a third beating and they will leave you there bleeding to death. Then the little street kids will come back and point and laugh at you, then proceed to piss on you for 1 final insult.
As you lay there on the streets of Mumbai covered with curry piss and bleeding to death, you will use your last ounce of energy to pull out you phone, get online, go to E90post/OT and reply here "I wish I didn't go to Mumbai..." that's when a 80 years old snake charmer comes over rubs some cow dung all over your face claiming it's spiritual medicine and takes your phone as "payment".

Have a good trip, don't drink the water bro.
i love you