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Originally Posted by ersin View Post
Euro seat bottoms would be cool. Kev went through more trouble than I would put up with but I respect that.

I understand what you mean about the exhaust music. But, once you start driving it, you'll wish it were louder. Most (all?) who have aftermarket exhausts or even just mufflers back, love the sound. Louder and just as nice, if not better, than stock.

A V1 with an LI jammer is probably a better way (performance-wise) to go than the 9500 and cheaper too. It's just not quite as stealthy with the V1 hanging in the windshield. I'm almost finished with wiring up the V1 and an LE-30 jammer in my M3. It will be unique. Hopefully I'll be able to put up pics soon. But it will be a clean and fairly stealthly install.

You could probably find someone around LA to wrap the dash in leather and/or alcantara if you don't go with the whole Zwick package.

Congrats with the new M3 and good luck with the mods.


How would upper dashboard look-like when covered with well-known 3M leather folyo??