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Originally Posted by VanM3Lover View Post
This is exactly why I prefer the SMG and the Lambo EGear to the DCT and PDK in the Porsche. I love the jerkiness when the car shifts during full acceleration. With each shift, you're being slammed in the back rest so hard, love that feeling.
Lambo eGear, just look at how Jeremy Clarkson is pushed back at 2:55.
But because of this jerkiness, you would not be able to shift in long sweeper turns without spinning out (assuming driving at the limit). With DCT, you can actually shift in long turns, because it does not unsettle the car, so there is no need to enter such turns in higher gear. Of course, it is irrelevant outside of a track.

Oh, and you can always simulate the SMG jerks by lifting and then stomping the throttle