Thread: BBK or Panerai?
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Originally Posted by edlin303 View Post
Ok, 1 & 2 make it a bit clearer to me. Watch people look at it as an investment and/or heirloom, and see cars as a depreciating investment. That makes more sense than them thinking an M3 is the same as an Accord. I suspect the same people would choose a nice watch over a dream vacation, since it does not hold any residual value either.

I am much more interested in instant gratification, so the car makes more sense to me. I have no illusions it will be worth much when I am done with it, but am willing to pay the monthly bill as the cost of my driving enjoyment.

On the other hand, I personally place very little value in collectible items, so that helps explain why I am not a fan of watches I guess. As you said, being able to afford one usually means you can afford the other. It just isn't anything that has called out to me I guess.
Agree completely, to each his own. Pretty much what I was trying to say... That and how we see life makes total sense to us, be not necessarily others.