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Originally Posted by Kiemyster View Post
Im ordering an M3 and i was going manual all the way untill i read your post. it made me think, being in NY that just might be suicidal. Ill end up getting my license revoked. If i had an auto, i wouldnt be pressing the gas at all, but if it was a manual i'd be recieving multiple infractions on the regular.....

decisions, decisions... What to do..... Living in queens, commuting to the city..... MT doesnt make any sense.... My brain says no, my heart says yes. fuck.
Your theory that you "won't be press the gas" with DCT is flawed. An M3 with a MT or DCT is a felony reckless driving citation waiting to happen. Likewise, either transmission driven sanely on city streets is no serious cause for concern.

There are a plenty of reasons to favor one tranny over the other, but probability of tickets "ain't" one of them.