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Originally Posted by edlin303 View Post
I wasn't aware people got out their watch and took it for a spin on weekends to enjoy it. If they do, well, I guess to each their own. But being that this is a car forum, don't be surprised that many of us don't understand the appeal of that.

Come to think of it, maybe the OP should post this on a watch forum as well. I would love to see some insight into why they would pick a watch.
I think I already given you a realistic idea. I've seen a hundred of those threads. In general terms it falls out like this for those that have the same depth of appreciation for cars as you do watches:

1. Buying an expensive car is stupid, the minute you drive it off the lot you lose 20%. You're lucky if you can get half your money back after a few years. A stupid, vain purchase.

2. Buying a nice mechanical watch is something you and then your son or daughter can enjoy for decades. A car? Trash in 10 years.

Of course, lots of people understand the attraction of cars, guns, watches, cameras, etc and just accept each for what it is and go with the flow as their personal tastes dictate. There appears to me (based on hobby site observation only) that many more people owning expensive watches also are into nice cars than vice versa. If one can own $100K plus worth of watches it usually means enough income to have more than one hobby or focus.

As far as a request for advice on a BBK or a Panny in a watch forum? The most common answer would certainly be one of these two: 1) WTF is a BBK? 2) Are you high?

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