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Originally Posted by BigHat View Post
So funny to read these posts that are almost mirror images of the trash the narrow-minded watch guys say about car lovers.

It really boils down to "getting it" or not. Funny how in your mind the difference between an Accord and an M3 is huge, but a watch is just a watch. Gee, I wonder if you're into cars or watches?

A BMW gets you from A to B about the same as any other car. Yes, it has attributes I love (why I own one) but it's "transportation" to most people. Some people love the "magic" that comes from hundreds of tiny pieces humming along together and keeping time well within the COSC standard. Others say, I'll take a quartz Casio or use my cell phone. Psst, it's not just about telling time. But again, whatever floats your boat. Just try to be tolerant of others with hobbies different than yours. I can only imagine this tread if the choice was a custom pistol or a BBK.

Love your last point the best. Your friends wouldn't know how expensive your watch might be, but you drive an M3 just to please yourself. Not looking for a status symbol even a little bit?
Aside from Rolex, that plasters the world with ads, the best watches on the planet have zero name recognition with 99.9% of the public. I'd say someone wearing one of those is a guy that really doesn't care what others think of what he has over the average BMW owner.
My point on the watch not being recognized, was this: If it does the same for me as a $100 (or $5) watch, and noone knows it's not a $100 watch, then it comes down to cosmetic differences to me. Either will tell me time. A $10,000 watch won't tell me time faster, or better, or anything else as it relates to it's function as a watch. It will just tell me time. Now I am not saying cosmetic factors does not have value. Many people like expensive jewellery, and that is their choice. It just doesn't provide a function in my mind. And as I said in my last post, all that matters is one's own mind. I am not suggesting the OP decide based on my mind. He simply asked our opinions.

With the car, if noone has any idea what it is, I am fine with that. In fact, that is why until now I drove an STi, the best performance I felt like paying for, with no glamour. With the M3, driving it makes all of my driving a whole different experience than an Accord would. It can get me places faster and safer. It enables me to do things an Accord could not. I can take it out just for the purpose of using it, not to get from A to B, but to get from A to A with as many hills and curves as possible in between. In the specific instance of this thread, better brakes will make him safer.

I wasn't aware people got out their watch and took it for a spin on weekends to enjoy it. If they do, well, I guess to each their own. But being that this is a car forum, don't be surprised that many of us don't understand the appeal of that.

Come to think of it, maybe the OP should post this on a watch forum as well. I would love to see some insight into why they would pick a watch.