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Originally Posted by sard View Post
Watches are different than cars. It's more of a luxury item than a car.

"I get tired of people asking the masses what they should like." .. You're too cool..

If you think MOST people in this country don't consider owning a BMW a needless luxury item you're crazy. What attitudes do you expect to find in a BMW site? Talk about drinking our own bathwater. You think people that frequent watch sites consider watches a stupid waste of funds too? People have different likes and hobbies; it's what makes the world go round.

Oh, and while you might be able to sell your BMW for 50% of the purchase price after 4 years, most high-end watches retain their value and often appreciate. Of course, not TAGs. This, by the way, is what the watch nuts that don't understand nice cars say about BMW owners.

Being irritated at people so insecure about their own decision making ability that they have to post a poll is much different than being "too cool," especially a comparison of a brake kit to a watch. Please. What blinding insights does one expect? Does one tally the votes and then robotically act?

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