Thread: BBK or Panerai?
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Originally Posted by sard View Post
Well since this is probably a "high end" watch, I'm guessing like 10k.

You need to learn a bit more before guessing. The IWC "turbo" is in the $70K - $90K depending on the finish.

Watches are really no different than cars, so the trite comments about cell phones keeping better time makes zero sense. Just because you can't relate or appreciate fine mechanical watches doesn't make you right, just different.

People concerned about getting from point A to B would obviously suggest an Accord and laugh at the foolishness of paying for a BMW. BMW buyers suffer from the same love of fine engineering as watch nuts do. As I share a love of both passions I think I understand the OP. To answer him, however, is harder. It's a personal thing, like should I pick AW over SSII. I get tired of people asking the masses what they should like.

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