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Originally Posted by PencilGeek View Post
If yours is Laguna Seca Blue -- then you're the guy I saw in I405 North a few months ago. I was in my daughter's Prius -- it was during the time we were preparing my car for the Mojave Mile. Too bad I wasn't driving my car at the time.

BTW, LSB looked much better in person on E92 than I thought it would. I think it looked better on the E92 than it did the E46. I thought it looked very nice -- even though I've never been a fan of LSB.
Yeah, I would have recognized your ride I saw two e46s the other day, and I agree with you. When it is clean, it really looks good. I think darker taillights will also be nice, but the contrast with the CF roof and mirrors is awesome. Funny thing, i wasn't a fan of LSB either, it was always that HUH? kind of color.