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Originally Posted by buddster View Post
Yes, EAS is doing the coding and the first run of installation work on Wednesday, but not the PDC install yet. That'll be about two more weeks. Here's what the PDC deal looks like:

- Euro front bumper with PDC: Bought this from a bumper dealer on the UK, Bumpers, LTD. It only cost about $250. It was Space Gray and I need to get it painted AW. They agreed to clean it up and primer it for me. Found it on This was the easy part... Shipping was the problem. They packed it up well for me and had it picked up and shipped over via LCL freight for $450. Painted Euro bumpers go for MUCH more than this, so this was a steal. Total $700.
- PDC Sensors: They're all over Hard to find unpainted, but i found a set of 4, unpainted for $75 from someone in Spain. Insane. They normally cost about $200 each. It cost me $100 to have a shop paint them. Only BMW is supposed to paint these things, but the shop assured me they have a ton of them before with good results. The clear coat has to be done right so it doesn't screw up the sensitivity. Total $175.
- Front PDC Retrofit kit: This has all the necessary installation goodies including the wire harness. Got this from Roveractive for about $125. Along with the sensors and the bumper, you can't get these from US dealers without a Euro VIN, which of course, we don't have. This works BTW, because my car already has Rear PDC and the control unit etc... Without it there would be more parts to buy. Total $125.
- Dash button: My car won't have any dash buttons because I didn't get rear sunshade. The part costs $225 and the plastic surround is $25. I was able to get these from a US dealer (Savage BMW). Total: $250.
- Installation and coding: We'll see. Estimating about $350.

Total: Looks like it'll end up around $1600. Which is fine. I was quoted about $2700 for getting a brand new pre-painted Euro front bumper. Heck, just getting a professionally done covering of the reflector holes will probably run $500. I wanted the Euro front bumper anyway, so the rest of the PDC was almost a throw in.

Jesal - I think this might be the first Individual interior M3... Don't think I've seen any so far. Mark M has one on the way too. Looking forward to seeing his with Rust Brown. He did it right.
That's a good deal. Good luck with the retrofit!
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