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Originally Posted by zetaxi165 View Post
I got to Bombay (Mumbai's old name) quite often and I love it.

There is some truth to what the guys are saying but there is a lot of exaggeration.

Here are my tips:

- DO NOT give the beggars any money. They are all part of gangs/mafias. If you give one of them some money be prepared to be surrounded. My tip is to not even make eye contact. Just look away.

- Street food in Bombay is awesome. But you must have the stomach for it. Otherwise stick to the mid to high end places.

- Rent a car with a driver if you can. It will run you about $50 a day for a decent car.

- Take some toilet paper with you from the U.S. The stuff in Bombay is really bad quality and will scrape your skin off.

- DO NOT enter the poorer/slum areas. Being of Indian descent I can get away with it but they will eat you alive.

- DO NOT buy Gold there. Indian gold shops are notorious for their adulterating ways.

Things To Do:

- Hit the night spots. Bombay has some good nightlife and some really hot girls who can be gotten - they are very western in their outlook and 1 night stands are becoming more and more common.

- Hit the tourist traps - it is fun and they are all safe.

- If you realise you can handle it, then try out the following foods:
- Bhel Puri @ Elco Arcade
- Kebabs @ Bade Miyaas
- Frankies (basically a roll) from Quality frankies on Linking road
- Tandoori Crab @ Khyber
- Pav Bhaji @ Juhu Beach

Oh yeah, if you enjoy smokes, some good quality stuff can be found.

Listen to what this guy said and you will be set. He summarized all of our bits and pieces into one post and I fully agree with everything said.