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BMW Individual US

Hey, i went to a BMW dealership in LA an was talking about buying a new M3 Sedan. After some time, they told me that they dont have any here, and if i want it we will need to order it from the factory in europe, and it will take 20-30 days for the car to get here. That's cool, and the fact that i can choose pretty much all the specifics of the car is really nice too. What is kinda confusing to me is following:

I asked them about the BMW Individual paint/ trim options, the ones that usa bmw website has only for 6/7 series. I mean, they gonna make it in europe from scratch, why not throw in Individual.

What the dealer told me after going away and talking to someone about it that the m3 does not have any individual paint/trim, and they can do it only for the 7 series, not the 6.

Is this true, or should i go and to to another dealer about it? I mean it does not make much sense since they have individual options for this car on international website.

Oh, and by the way, do you know if m3 sedan has lights from the door handles outside at night when you unlock it? My buddy has 08 328 coupe and it looks really neat. Same question about ambient lights (on the side of the door) interior-wise.

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