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Originally Posted by Alpine3 View Post
lol idk its such a sensitive issue..I suggest for the government to just look more into this issue, like lower the time limit a person can stay on welfare and find these people like low class government jobs or something..then they wouldnt have the excuse of "oh no one's hiring" ...its just a real complicated issue lol
Example, I have an immediate family member who refuses to get a job and same goes for his wife, because if they do they will loose "affordable housing" benefit and loose their 3 bedroom condo, which cost less than a studio in my area. Plus they feel there is no need for a job since now they are getting more money from the government since they just had a second child! Yes it frustrates the hell out of me when I know he is more than capable of getting and holding down a decent job but has become comfortable with what soceity is offering them for doing nothing!