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Pulley question

Hi All,

This is my first post as I am a new member. Although I have been reading and following this forum for years and learned a lot from all the expert here. I have a question that's in the back of my mind and just wondering what's the opinion of all the experts here.

I have been looking at pulleys for a while and they all seem to only contain the crank pulley with the exception that RE has an extra pulley for the power steering pump in order to use the one sided belt. My question is does it make sense to make a bigger pulley for the power steering pump so that we can reuse the factory double sided belt?

The benefit I can see are:
- probably not much but in theory a little extra power from the pulley system as the power steering pump is under drive more
- reusing the factory belt for ease of sourcing the double sided belt in the future
- increase the weight of the steering (some might not like this) but I personally like heavier steering coming from cars with no power steering

The only real negative that I can think of is maybe this will have a bad long term effect on the power steering system as I don't know the internal working of the system. Any expert with techical knowledge of the power steering system care to share their opinion? Any vender wants to chime in? Doable idea, or totally stupid or this will destroy the power steering pump? Not enough space for a bigger pulley? Thoughts?

I am a newbie so please don't burn me if this is a stupid idea. Cheers.

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