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"I think the abuse factor is extremely overstated. Food stamps are one of the most succesful social programs in history"
This is no overstatement, and I'm just one person: Last Christmas I'm in a hurry to BUY some itmes to make pumpkin pies. I get in a line behind an older lady with 8-10 bottles of juice thinking "she'll be fast thru the line" The cashier has to ring them up in pairs, because that's all the food stamp will allow. OK, it's Christmas, I should be more patient with those who are less fortunate at this time of year (and any time really) She gets done and rolls out her cart. I pay for my can of pumpkin and pie shells and hustle out the door to see her loading the bottles into an SL500 with dealer tags!!!!!!

My office is in the back of a public housing building. I constantly see "customers" checking on their housing status rolling 22s on Navigators etc. When I ask the case workers, "the car is my mom's" Well then, help your daughter rent a room. It's so BS the amount of corruption of what is desinged to be a SAFETY NET, not a way of life.

One of the big plusses for Meg Whitman right now. (although there are plenty of negatives to balance it out)