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Wow, I don't think I've seen anything like this.
I went to bed around 9 pm last night because I was so bored,
it wasn't worth it to stay awake.
I just woke up and the power was on!
As of yesterday, no one in South Florida had power,
I heard that we actually didn't lose power though,
my neighbor said that they turned it off so that they could work on the lines.

So anyways, about the damage....
Basically every tree (besides palms) in my parking lot fell down.
The BMW got a huge tree branch on it, I was freaking out,
but surpisingly, when my boyfriend broke enough pieces off,
and carried it all away, there weren't any dents or scratches!
I will load the pictures tomorrow.

The TSX got a pretty big crease/dent on the passenger side front fender,
but the paint is fine, only surface scratches that will buff out,
so I'll have to take it over to paintless dent removal,
hopefully just a quick $75 fix,
and then it will be good to sell again.

The Audi wagon is perfect, just really dirty.

Lots of cars got totalled,
A van, a Focus, a Mazda 6, an suv, a Lincoln, maybe more,
and that's just in my small apartment complex.

An Audi A4 got a roof shingle through his window,
and it dented up his whole door panel,
and he has water damage in his car,
that will cost a heck of a lot of money to fix.
If he has enough water damage, it could be totalled.

A few other cars had some pretty bad damage,
but looked fixable.

Basically every powerline on my street fell down,
many of them fell into the roads,
and there were lots of trees down.

We had to throw all of our food from our fridge out yesterday,
and we were running kind of low,
we actually went over a friend's parents' house,
and grilled frozen pizzas yesterday, lol!

We helped them clean up their yard, it was a mess.
His VW Golf looks totalled,
his dad's Cadillac CTS has so pretty bad damage,
it might also be totalled.
Their back awning is destroyed,
and their fence all fell down.
Their front fountain is broken,
and they had a small statue that broke.

This was a bad one,
I can't wait to show you guys some of the pictures,
it's really crazy.