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Originally Posted by mvagusta View Post
Man, you guys are harsh! I don't know a lot of people that would stand up for himself the way he did. Maybe it was a mistake! He told you his personal problem. You guys are going to blow some money on a girlfriend or a wild night at the club one night and spend more money then you wanted. Cut your lose and walk away! Do you want him to repay you in blood? Hardtimes is a bad cycle, remember this when your in a bind. Goodluck John and stay healthy, thats what counts!
You can't be in that much of a "bind" when you're still driving an M3. Agree? If this is not the case, then take this with a grain of salt. But you can't possibly see someone still driving an M3, and not want him to pay you back the money that he PROMISED to refund. Besides, whether we blow our money on our girlfriend/club/toss it off a bridge, it's still our money..not other people's.

I do agree that staying healthy is important...but doesn't mean you should neglect your responsibilities.