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Originally Posted by T Bone View Post
From Simon at Evosport

Heading up to LA from the OC last Friday night on the 405 FWY. I rolled by what looked like a new 3-series coupe at about 85. As I passed, I briefly noticed quad exhaust and a riveted panel for a rear lower diffuser. Before my brain processed "E92 M3", my foot was already on the 12-piston brakes. The driver of the M3 realized I had noticed him and also began to brake, not wanting me to drive near him (yeah right!). I circled him a few times taking pics as I went by with my handy Blackjack phone. It made him furious and he waived me off a few times. I couldn't really hear what he was saying since my exhaust kept getting in the way of his voice. It was way too dark and it was impossible to hold the camera phone still enough to take anything worth looking at. Needless to say, the car looked much like a 3-series coupe but this was without a doubt the new M3! Again, it was dark and this was still a test mule, so I will reserve my judgments for the final product.

As I came around one last time on his driver side, I decided to turn on the camcorder on my once again handy Blackjack (btw, this phone takes great pics/video...when there's light). By dumb luck, as soon as I hit record, the driver of the M3 (an older gentleman) decided to show me what 400+ hp can do and jumped on the throttle. I think my feet worked faster than my brain again, as I immediately saw him go and my right foot thought, "I don't think so!" and away we went. Holding the camera phone in one hand and trying to steer with the other, I watched him make an impressive run. The car sounded nice and it certainly was moving. He did get a jump on me and I could hear he was at wide open throttle, but I never felt he was pulling away from me. Albeit it was a VERY short sprint and he backed off as soon as I closed in. Still, the acceleration was impressive, but I don't think he would have been able to get far. As I approached him again, this time he gave me a smile and thumbs up (at least I'm pretty sure it was his thumb). I gave him my thumb in return, pulled back, took a few more seconds of Oscar-winning footage and departed.

The videos are very dark and probably worthless, but I'll post them anyway. The first video is of the acceleration run. The second was the final moments of the encounter before I called it a night. Hey, at least I got to have a lil fun Enjoy!
That means the M3 can keep up with a M5? At least for a brief period?