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Originally Posted by M3Gator View Post
Took my car('09 E92 M3-19 in OEMs) in to dealer for scheduled oil change. Car has @13k miles. Never tracked. SA called and said I have a nail in one of my front tires and a nail in one of my rear tires. Not sure exactly where the nails are in relation to the sidewalls(he couldn't tell me that yet). And must not be leaking much air cuz pressure sensor has not come on. They said they don't patch or recommend patching Z rated tires. Just called Tire Kingdom-they said no problem to patch tire from the inside if it isn't too close to sidewall for $25/tire. My dilemma is Option 1: Buy two new tires from dealer(one rear, one front-roughly $900) and have two brand new tires and two more than half life tires. Option 2: Buy 4 new tires so they all have same tread-roughly $1900. Option 3: Go to Tire Kingdom and patch them them both for $50 knowing I'll probably be buying two new rear tires in the next 5-8k miles.

Of course I didn't purchase the wheel and tire warranty. No plans to track anytime soon. What would you do?
Patch/plug them both IMO. Even people that track their cars will plug tires without thinking twice about it.