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Originally Posted by RandyB View Post
With that said, I hope they don't load it down with too much standard equipment. I would rather have them lower the base price and keep the weight low for the people that low mass is important to, and then allow for all the crap most people want to be added as options.

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That really depends on whether BMW will make a CSL version. If they choose to position the M3 as more of a Gran Tourer, with the CSL as the low weight version then it will come specced with plenty of gadgets.

Since I have my name down against an E92 CSL, I suspect it will come out and with BMW bringing out the 'M2' with a high-revving straight six they might well choose to position the M3 as more of a 'junior' M5/M6. Hopefully that still allows the M3 to be around 3500lbs, but I really doubt it will be any lighter than that.