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Your analysis is wrong. I never said because one car is faster than another one should necessarily charge more but I did say they should be the same league. And frankly I don't see the LFA being worth $400k.
And by your logic its a halo car and price doesn't matter so why not turn a profit? You've compared it to an Enzo. So why not charge $700-$800k?

And there's a bit of a difference between a car that been in production evolving over time and a taking inspiration from a car that hasn't been made for 50 years.
Wait, what makes you think they should be in the same league? A Bentley Continental Supersports has an MSRP similar to a Scuderia. Are you under the impression that they are in the same performance league? An Audi R8 is priced the same as a ZR1, yet is comprehensively destroyed in terms of objective performance. R8 is overpriced, is it?
Perhaps they've done their own calculations as to what resale values would hurt the brand image rather than help and have come to the conclusion that ~$400k is about right. But just because Ferrari could have sold each Enzo at $1M doesn't mean the LFA is not worth $400k.

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So 9 deposits were taken with no specs from one dealer yet the price was known two years ago?
Based on what I've read, yes.