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Originally Posted by 330CIZHP View Post
With the bore and stroke meant for high-revving and an 8500 rpm and a displacement of only 4.4 Liters, there is no way 370 ft-lbs will come out of the crank at any point in the rpm band unless the change the stroke of the car and lower the redline by 2000 rpm.
It would be possible in theory - that's 84 ft-lb/L and Ferrari has hit 89 ft-lb/L with the 4.5L V8 in the new 458 Italia. Granted that has a flat plane crank and revs somewhat higher also.

However, I agree in context it makes little sense. The S65B40 makes about 300 ft-lb, so expecting such a huge increase in torque from a 10% displacement bump is pretty off-the-wall. Plus, I doubt that the torque curve of the Ferrari V8 is as flat as that of the S65. As we know, it's not just about peak torque - total area under the curve is important.
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