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For most people, the car control aids are probably better than nothing. For others, the aids cause more problems than they solve. A truly competent driver will often simultaneously make the correction necessary before or during the input which will necessitate the correction. A stability control system can only react, but good drivers are proactive in their steering and throttle inputs. If I've already added a few degrees of opposite lock anticipating some throttle-on oversteer while accelerating, and the car decides I've slid too much and applies the brakes or cuts power, at best I've lost time, at worst if I needed the car placed where it was going to be without intervention and not where the computer thought I was trying to put it, I might end up hitting something. I've found the vaunted "competition mode" on Z06's lacking in this respect, so I doubt MDM is any better. My car doesn't have it, just "on" or "off" .

Traction control can be sophisticated and predictable enough to be useful on track, and I wish there was a "traction control only" mode instead of yaw control, less yaw control, or nothing on these cars.