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Originally Posted by thegeneral101 View Post
So i took my M3 in today because the sound system is broke....which is another story in itself...but...

the service manager notified me he is doing the 1200 mile service when there are only 560 miles on the car....strange? I have read a few posts saying they got their service early...but at 560 seems wayyyy too early.
Don't worry about it. Let'em do the service, drive and enjoy the car. While some believe that more break-in miles are needed, 500 miles is plenty for the initial fluids to capture metal particles that could be present following assembly. It is not necessarily a one-step process. In fact, one could suggest that the initial lube change should be done at an earlier mileage than 1200, but I guess BMW chooses to simplify the entire process under one mileage guideline.