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Originally Posted by 997GT3 View Post
My logic? I have stated repeatedly that a price around $200k would make the LFA alluring. And I have stated that to get to that price they'd need to step up production.
Frankly you need to take off those rose colored glasses when looking at this vehicle.
The SLS is Mercedes doing what American cars companies are doing too much of: looking at the past.
Your logic is that since Car A is faster than Car B for $xyz, Car B is overpriced. Guess what, at $200k the LFA is still overpriced, using your logic.
You mean step up production like Porsche did with the CGT, the values of which are tanking left and right? How's that for a halo effect? And what makes you think Toyota even have the production line capacity to step up production? Making this level of supercar is pretty much new to them. Hell, even Porsche did not have the production capacity to form their own CF monocoques for the CGT. Nor did Ferrari which has had decades of building Formula One cars. Both companies farmed out the monocoque construction to the same firm.
With a username like 997GT3, you shouldn't look down at any company for looking at the past. The SLS is using modern technology (alloy spaceframe, DCT) with an eye toward the future (hybrid/electric drive).