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Originally Posted by mkoesel View Post
Yep, good point. Even with the carbon fiber roof they can't keep it under the weight of the 650i. Not sure how the two car compares in features though - the M6 might have more standard features although that is just a guess.

It will take some serious measures to keep the M3 under 3600 lbs.
The carbon fibre roof on the M3 CSL only saved 6kg, so that's not how BMW would save weight anyway.

For those who are suggesting the M3 will be heavier than the 335i, bear in mind the 335i is carrying all the cooling and ancillaries of a turbo installation. The E46 M3 only weighed slightly more than a E46 330i Sport, so it would be reasonable for that to be the same with the E92 especially since the BMW quote on record was that the new V8 would be 'lighter' than the S54 straight six (which had an iron block).

E92 compared to E46 is around 40lbs heavier, so it just remains to be seen how much standard equipment comes loaded on the E92 M3.

Sub-3500lbs should be quite achieveable though.