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Originally Posted by Guibo View Post
Well, maybe they wanted a halo car like Porsche had with the CGT, McMerc with its SLR, and Ferrari with its Enzo. A slight step up from the GT2 doesn't establish Toyota/Lexus as capable of building a deeply emotive car.
And you also have to consider the halo effect on what should be Lexus's most important market, Japan. There, Lexus have only recently gained traction against German competitors; in their introductory year a short while ago, the Germans absolutely clobbered them.
Attainable is relative. You look at the LFA's $400k price and laugh at how miserably high the price is. A Corvette guy looks at your $200k "attainable" proposal and might think you need a lobotomy.

If that's what the 10 years of effort has really been about, more power to them. Up until last year the speculation was that the LFA was going to be priced south of $200k. So it was shocking when the price and availabilty were announced.
You're right that its all relative but part of my definition of obtainable would be that if I had the cash I could really get one.

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