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Originally Posted by 997GT3 View Post
I said it's not a halo car like the Veyron. It is Toyotas halo project (which I think are silly because they make no sense) but doesn't seperate from the pack like the Bugatti.
And let me offer a little olive branch here. I appreciate your point of view. It is a great car. If it were a $200K car that would have been available to the unwashed masses I would be singing its praises (maybe even ordering one-that would be pretty close to my financial edge though).
I have been following this project for years because I was interested in buying one. After I bought my Nissan I thought that it would be great to get the performance of the GTR with fit and finish of a Lexus. But it was not to be.
Fair enough. I've never stated it was the best car in the world. I do think it is going to surprise a lot of people once the actual production cars appear. There is some speculation that the mules aren't actually fully carbon fiber and the actual production version will be even lighter (just a rumour on the Lexus boards at this point).

I do find it amusing that everyone is singing the praises of the Italia or McLaren and yet there has been nothing definitive to suggest they are any worse or better than the LF A. The only thing negative about the LF A to most is the price tag.

You could argue all day about whether the price and production numbers are the right decision. The bottom line is Lexus had/has no issue with moving them at this price and it will change Toyota/Lexus forever.

Did you know that you can actually buy them everywhere else in the world but in NA where you can only lease? The 2 alocated to Singapore were sold for $800K.