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Originally Posted by Cdnrockies View Post
How can you suggest it's not a halo car?

This car changes everything for Toyota/Lexus. You don't think that this will trickle down throughout both companies? Toyota already has the FT-86 in the the performance game that they have been absent from since the Supra. Lexus already has the F and needs to expand their performance line up. Until they do they can't fully compete with the Germans.

I said it's not a halo car like the Veyron. It is Toyotas halo project (which I think are silly because they make no sense) but doesn't seperate from the pack like the Bugatti.
And let me offer a little olive branch here. I appreciate your point of view. It is a great car. If it were a $200K car that would have been available to the unwashed masses I would be singing its praises (maybe even ordering one-that would be pretty close to my financial edge though).
I have been following this project for years because I was interested in buying one. After I bought my Nissan I thought that it would be great to get the performance of the GTR with fit and finish of a Lexus. But it was not to be.

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