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its all good, i never said you are wrong or anything but i really could care less to hook up ant vbox to my car etc

other then my midpipe i think this is one of the best bangs for your buck, doesn't mean i am right just my opinion

you can keep your graphs and your science etc and i will keep my diff and be 100% happy and that is all that matters to me

since you know alot about these cars, what would you consider the best bang for the buck mod then??

thank you

Originally Posted by swamp2 View Post
I think others have stated a response to this already. You do realize that every major system in all modern cars are designed with simulation correct? Saying you don't trust simulation and do trust your butt dyno is like turning back the progress clock of modern science and engineering back to the dark ages.

Similarly goes the debate that someone can't understand car X or mod Y unless they have personal wheel time with it. That is utter rubbish. Science, math and engineering allow one to understand and even feel in their minds eye (in additon to providing very accurate actual numbers) various aspects of automobile performance.

Like DaFish appropriately stated above in post #29 - if it feels good and all you want is feel - that is perfect. That makes it a great mod - FOR YOU. Just don't call it the best bang for the buck mod because when you want overall performance a FD mod just does not deliver on many modern sports cars, M3 included.

Last but not least how about having some Vbox runs instead of a butt dyno. Sorry science and simulation >>>> butt dyno any day.

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