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i honestly don't care what proof you have or graphs you have etc etc to show there is no difference. i know i am not even passed 5k yet and i already like it alot more then bf with the stock diff. plus i have the Dinan software so i have an added rev limiter so i will be able to enjoy it even more

what is on paper and is on paper and it very well may be true but all i know is i have liked the diff in all my M cars and you can add this one to the list. what i like is all that matters. to me real life experience in the car is a better judge then some graphs any day of the week. i am glad i didn't let any of that steer me away from the diff bc i really like it and i am sure once my break in is over i am gonna love it

to each there own but i notice that 99% of the people talking down on the diff mod or saying it is not worth it are people that don't have it. just sayin
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