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Originally Posted by J08M3 View Post
^-- this is true, but this is a lot of theory.

the FD change will change the RPM range you are in, in a given situation. sometimes you need that quicker acceleration for a shorter distance, depends on what's in front of you (i.e. sharp turn). so the 35% decrease in distance isn't always an issue.

This is why race cars run different FD ratios depending on the track they are at.
Granted it all depends on the situation and it that situation is well defined (e.g. a track) the decision is much easier - a street car is a different scenario where the owner has to consider a wide range of scenarios. Where the higher FD ratio does show improvement, my point is that the gains are MUCH less than what the driver feels he/her is experiencing (unless you are looking at just a single in-gear run).